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The opinion of the Sommelier
This elegant wine and visciole is presented with a beautiful red ruby colour with purple-like reflexes, expressing notable consistence. The great particularity of this drink is the extraordinary equilibrium shown a mong the fruit, the sweetness and the freshness that, put together, give a great gustatory harmony. Intense when smelled, complex and fine, the note of visciola emerges clearly, together with the signs of other small ripened fruits of wood in splendid equilibrium with a moderate alcoholic note. Wine is sweet, warm and soft, to the palate and with a delicate feeling of freshness. Wine from sweets, that can also be tasted out very well out of meal while conversing with friends. Its wine that gives joy and you never have eough of it. The combination  with cakes, pies and handmade cookies is ideal. To be tasted on fused chocolate and on the bostrengo (typical sweet from Marche). Wine must be at 10ฐ - 11ฐ in small chalices of tasting.
                                                                                           Cristini Giuseppe  Sommelier and Advisor


Brandy cherries
This product is got through handicraft procedures in the respect of the traditions. The visciola, color red carmine, from the juicy and sweet pulp, makes of this product a refined and elegant brandy. The taste results soft and typical of visciola just harvest.

Recommended to be drunk after meal or occasionally.
To be served at +10/11ฐC.


The Jam  
The jam, gotten by the viscioles, is a good product that brings the palate to the tastes of other times, exclusively recalling the mind about the precious indications of the grandmother with first-quality fruit, manually and just with the addition of sugar. However it is certain that the history of the jam of visciole was born from the demand of the grandparents to preserve the abundant fruit, then to be consumed during the winter when the country didnt offer any fruit.

The Viscioles to the Sun   
Naturally, also for this product, thanks to the grandparents that used the same principles used for the wine and for the jam, and that today it is still gotten following a handicraft procedure. The viscioles are jealously guarded in the countryside and then exposed to the sun together with sugar for about 40 days. After a series of natural processes, the product is ready to maintain the features of the fruit, its taste and its colour as unaltered.

The Chocolate and Visciole    
The unmistakable taste of the viscioles, united to the sweet taste of the melting chocolate, make this product a niche on the market; an unique chocolate of its kind for taste and aftertaste.


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